SnakeWays Downloads.


SnakeWays Downloads.


How? Firstly, our only standard is excellence. Secondly, to us it is important to listen to the customer. Thirdly, using the best solution in the industry by using modern technologies.


What? The SnakeBox offers the best solution for connecting remote locations to corporate networks. Above all, we focus on reliable, and cost-effective use of satellite or slow data links.


Why? We succeed even in a fragmented, improvised, or a bandwidth limited environment because we know how to design products to perform efficiently.


Who? We are a team of maritime technology professionals with decades of experience. We know what works – and what doesn’t. As a result, SnakeWays has been founded because we provide the best services to our customers.

About SnakeMail secure and efficient Maritime E-Mail Features and how to ensure a secure, and, efficient E-Mail communication

SnakeWays Downloads

SnakeWays brings a hybrid communications solution of hardware, software, and cloud components to the maritime market. In other words, SnakeMail is one of the system’s core elements. Therefore, providing a fully-featured and reliable E-Mail service.

SnakeWays Downloads Upgrade to E-Mail Communication SnakeBox to ensure a secure, and, efficient E-Mail communication Services

Firstly, with the SnakeMail service, you can choose between E-Mail addresses provided by SnakeWays or keep your corporate mail identity. Secondly, to clarify, SnakeCloud receives E-Mail directly from the internet or collects your messages from a wide choice of E-mail services. For instance, office 365, Microsoft Exchange. And many others.
Moreover, SnakeMail goes one step further and also keeps the ‘Sent’ mailbox folder on the ship in sync with your corporate mail account. Certainly, without additional overhead. Most importantly, keeping management informed of all current and past communications of your fleet.
That is to say, regardless of your choice, our proprietary transfer technology will assure: Firstly, reliable. Secondly, secure. And thirdly, efficient real-time message delivery to and from your ships.

Take control of your Secure, and, efficient Maritime E-Mail System

With SnakeMail, you have full control over your messaging, subsequently, a choice of mail filter settings keeps you in control of your traffic both in and outbound. Therefore, all messages are subject to strict spam and antivirus filtering using proven Barracuda® E-Mail protection solutions.

Send your E-Mail communication in a secure, and, efficient way with E-Mail Communication SnakeCloud SnakeWays Downloads

SnakeMail operates over any TCP capable network connection, fast or slow, dependable or erratic, expensive or affordable, so, it will always get your traffic across.
All communications support, and, prioritize the secure E-Mail protocols SSL, TLS, and STARTTLS. VPN or leased line connections are available for end-to-end secure communications between ships and customer premises.

Followup your E-Mail

As an Industry first, SnakeMail provides real-time parcel like, for example, end to end E-Mail tracking. In other words, you can check on either ship or shore where your mail is.
But, SnakeMail goes beyond traditional delivery notifications: it reports about the reading, and, forwarding of a message for each recipient therefore allowing you to act, for instance, on failed or delayed messages.
In conclusion, you will always know where your messages are with SnakeMail.

Manage your Maritime E-Mail Services in an efficient way

SnakeMail makes accessing your E-Mail easy, therefore, you can use your favorite mail client or the mobile device-aware webmail service. You can, for instance, use SnakeMail with any PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and, even switch seamlessly between devices.

E-Mail Communication SnakeCloud

SnakeMail protects and safeguards your messages in two ways. Firstly, the SnakeBox stores your mail data on an encrypted SD card that can be easily moved to a spare SnakeBox. Secondly, the automated backup Maritime E-Mail System silently stores a password-protected copy of your valuable mailbox content on a storage device of your choice.

Use E-Mail Communication SnakeBox for E-Mail handling

Certainly, SnakeMail is part of the SnakeBox, an innovative smart device using state of the art hardware. On the other hand, because of it`s user-friendly web interface, configuring the system is fast, and, easy. No matter if the SnakeBox has been pre-reconfigured, set up remotely, or locally; getting it up and running is quick and easy, and, does not require a visiting technician. In conclusion, a true self install.

Secure, and, efficient Maritime E-Mail Services communication in SnakeBox

The SnakeBox device provides the physical platform for the various services offered by SnakeWays.
In addition, the hardware takes advantage of the latest chip technologies available on the market, and, contrary to others classic network appliances and embedded devices, the SnakeBox hardware is based on highly integrated chipsets initially designed for use in smartphones.
On the other hand, additional hardware modules that plug into the mainboard extend the E-Mail Communication SnakeBox functionality.
All extension cards are installed inside the SnakeBox, and, as a result, no external connections other than antennas if needed.
Configuration and operation of the extensions’ features are fully integrated into the SnakeWays user interface, consequently, enabling remote configuration through SnakeCloud or SnakeBox.

Our Secure, and, efficient Maritime E-Mail System

The SnakeWays Secure, and, efficient E-Mail communication System provides centrally managed routing, E-Mail, remote access, and, data transfer services to the maritime market. Two core elements provide the functionality: Firstly, the SnakeBox smart router, and, Secondly, the application server and the SnakeCloud service and management server.
To clarify, the SnakeBox provides the routing and application functionality onboard your vessels. It physically interfaces local LAN segments and WAN connections. Moreover, it also hosts applications like the E-Mail service, file server. On the other hand, database storage for configuration, reporting, and device management.
Each customer has its own dedicated virtual server instance, which provides Maritime E-Mail System management, centralized configuration, reporting, billing, and, application services to the customer’s SnakeBox installations.
Above all, SnakeCloud and SnakeBox work together to form a smart, secure, and, efficient E-Mail communication system that provides various SnakeWays services. As a result, they exchange configuration, status, and, reporting data in the background using very efficient synchronization protocols.
Using this principle, users can use either interface to manage and configure the system. Therefore, any configuration change is reflected, validated, applied, and, visible on both the SnakeCloud and remote SnakeBox.

Our Secure, and, efficient Maritime E-Mail Services

Our team developed reliable Maritime E-Mail Features, and, efficient custom protocols to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of data, files, and messages. High latency and low throughput connections over satellite or congested networks and high-speed links on modern LTE or similar circuits are equally well supported. Certainly, special care has been taken to ensure connectivity across circuits that apply using strict firewall policies, single or multiple NAT, or shared IP configurations.

E-Mail Communication SnakeCloud Features

For SnakeWays, security is of the highest priority. For example, all connections, mail, and data transfers are fully encrypted using the latest technology, and, all our servers are protected against intrusions and operate with all current security updates and patches applied.
To sum up, SnakeCloud and SnakeBox share a standard code set to provide all web-based Secure and efficient Maritime E-Mail Features and services based on the latest web development technologies. As a result, this approach assures a smooth and consistent user experience independent of the end-user device or location.




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